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What Our Members Say

"Jugnoo Initiative has made a huge difference in my life. It all began with Sifu David....I had no idea what Taichi and Qigong were.... Taichi program has helped me with improving balance and general health. I personally find it has reduced my stress and anxiety. As for Wellness Yoga, Parinaz is one of the most personable instructors I have met...lifting our spirits with her candidness and making it an amazing experience.”

— Rose (Cancer survivor)

“Jugnoo Initiative gave me the opportunity to stay fit and meditate, all while being at home. The virtual program delivery format has made it easy for me to be part of the programs without leaving my home".

— Humaira 

“I am a mom of little kids and having the online format is invaluable as I don't always have the ability to join in person. Online format still allows for me to be part of the community and get the support from my peers that I need.”

— Erin (Cancer survivor)

“Joining Odyssey support group has helped me in getting back to life! I felt my spirits uplifted after talking to people who shared their personal experiences. It encourages me as I see they are leading their lives well now.

Whether its Nutrition, Taichi or Life Coaching, I learnt new skills mentally, spiritually and physically - I am fortunate to be part of this group.”

— Lubna (Cancer survivor)

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