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My Box

Blue stones and ivory beads: a little shine makes it attractive - smooth and velvety on the outside.

I am struggling with it. It seemed easy to handle in the beginning but now I can’t open it.

I have a sense of desperation.

Should I ask someone for help? No, I can’t - it’s too personal!! It’s my own fight…. .

I am frustrated - not been able to open it. I want to do it myself and change it for good.

I want to enjoy the feeling of independence. It's about my life - much bigger and unlike any of my previous accomplishments - my career, my education and my profession. Meaningful and real, no one can understand it’s important more than me - it resonates with my identity: always a leader, champion, and successful. But I don’t want any of that any more - I want my life!! I have to keep striving. I aim to get it....

Oh... it opens up!!! What a feel…..beautiful red velvet inlay all over inside. Soft to touch and appealing to eye.

This is my future: vibrant, attractive and peaceful; full of energy and inviting. I feel a sense of relief.

I know this is mine. I know it is there to stay. I know it wants me. I can hear it calling me. I am heading towards it, hoping to stay there for the rest of my life.

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